What If My Child Has Special Needs?

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Special Needs Adaptations

The activities of Ready! Set! School! are meant to reach every preschool child, no matter the skill level. Because every child is different, however, you may need to tune in to your child’s mood, needs, and skills when adapting the activities.

If your child seems to have trouble engaging with the activity:

  • Make sure he/she understands the activity.
  • Make sure he/she wants to do the activity.
  • Take breaks if the child tires of the activity.
  • Try explaining the activity in other words.
  • Demonstrate how to do the activity and let your child imitate your actions.
  • Be sure to engage your child with specific questions about what he/she is doing.
  • Be sure to recognize and encourage your child as you do the activity together.

Remember that children often learn by playing. If you make them feel that the activity is a chore, they may sense that from you. If you frame the activity as a game and provide positive feedback, children will feel encouraged to succeed at the activity and see that learning is fun. As they do this, they will develop a positive pattern of learning.

Early Intervention Resources

For children who seem to have trouble learning or staying focused, Early Intervention programs can provide assistance to families with children (ages 0-5) who may have conditions that hinder their development. The following resources are available to help diagnose and provide resources for children with such conditions:

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