Playgroup Connection


Playgroups are a good way to give toddlers and pre-school children positive social and educational experiences. Playgroups also give parents an opportunity to interact with their child and observe their child's development compared to other children of the same age. Playgroups can be less formal meetings with neighborhood parents and children or more formal parent-child classes. The important thing is that parents find a place where they are comfortable with their child, have the opportunity to participate in activities or games to learn with their child, and have fun together.

Using Ready! Set! School! for Playgroups

The activities of Ready! Set! School! can all be used with a group of children, whether in a playgroup or even a daycare scenario. In fact, these activities will help you have a focus and goal with each playgroup.

Creating Your Own Playgroup

To create your own playgroup, here are some tips:

Joining a Playgroup

To join a playgroup, you might want to consider the following:

As you participate in the playgroup, be sure to evaluate its benefits for your child to make sure it was the right choice. Make sure you feel comfortable and that your child is engaged in the activities. Observe how your child interacts and develops. Overall, make sure you and your child are having fun. If you aren’t, you may want to explore other playgroup options in order to find the right group for you.

For Babies and Younger Children Ages 0 to 3

For babies and younger children ages 0 to 3, try the playgroup plans put together by Welcome Baby