Every Moment Can be Special


By Sheila Chaney, UPAT Parent Educator

Wouldn’t that be wonderful to have every moment special? Is that realistic? There are many days when I can see that in my family. There are many more days that I just missed the moment, (do to some minor irritant), and some days that are just awful. How can we make sure we get more special days?

Remember: Children are needy, exhausting, and challenging. They can drive you to the edge and back again. But if you are aware of a few things about children, and you know your own limits and needs, everyday has the opportunity to be special.

Very Important Reminder: Children are our greatest teachers, examples, and later in life (hopefully) friends.

What to do to be ready and open for special moments…

There are more things we could add to the list, but think of ways that you can meet the needs in your home.  Make opportunity for special moments. Sometimes just being more aware can bring one to flourish. Take good care of yourself and then help others.  When we look outward to help and lift we only help ourselves. Be kind and considerate, what seeds you plant in children will grow. Kindness and consideration are great attributes to nourish.

What a blessing and challenge it is to have and raise children. Be the best person in your and their life.