About Ready! Set! School!


Program Creator

Ready! Set! School! is a program of the Utah Family Partnership Network and Children's Services Society of Utah with the goal of providing tools and resources for parents of pre-school age children. Both CSS Utah and UFPN work to provide information and resources to enrich the family environment, promote academic success, raise healthy children, and strengthen communities.

For additional information about the Utah Family Partnership Network, go to their website at www.ufpn.org, or for more information about Children's Services Society of Utah, visit their website at www.cssutah.org.

Program Objectives

Ready! Set! School! is a research-based curriculum providing parents with a toolkit designed to engage their preschool child. We seek to empower every parent to be their child's first, best teacher by doing the following:

Needs Addressed & Population Served

There are approximately 93,000 3-5 year old pre-school children throughout the state of Utah. Ready! Set! School! will serve and be accessible to all Utah parents, including working parents, stay-at-home parents, grandparents, childcare providers, and preschool teachers. In addition, this project will assist those who may have fewer resources, less access to formal pre-school programs, and live in more rural areas.

Anticipated Results

Ready! Set! School! will add to the tools that parents already use to prepare their children for kindergarten. By providing easy access to essential information, resources, and modeled teaching methodology, the Utah Family Partnership Network hopes to empower every parent to help prepare his or her child for the demanding academic, physical, emotional, social skills needed to do well in school, and in life. This will help Utah children to reach their highest potential with parents being their first, best teacher.